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Repairs & Upgrades


Airsoft technique is not one of the easiest. Although the system itself seems easy, there is still something involved. Small springs and parts that each have an important function. If you lose such a part, your airsoft weapon may no longer function.

Nevertheless, we promote the do-it-yourselfer who ventures into these nevertheless interesting technologies. We therefore care with great importance to advice and assistance these techies.

If you are unable to find your way around in this technology, or if you do not want to start, you can also contact us. We maintain your replica, can repair it or provide the desired upgrades. All this with clear guidance from A to Z.

We also use the guarantee until operation. No fix means not paying, and something is not satisfactory, we will solve this free of charge.

At the bottom you will find a price indication of all the services we offer. If it is not entirely clear, or if something is not listed, please feel free to contact us.


Per Our

Our hourly rate is 40 Euro.

Each starting service starts at half an hour, increasing every 15 minutes.

Each replica service starts at an hour, building up every 15 min.



Downgrade Incl. Spring 50 Euro



Maintenance of your replica is something annually. We use fixed prices that do not deviate, unless more (or less) material costs are involved.

Maintenance AEG, GBB pistol, GBB Rifle, HPA engine 60 Euro
Full Service AEG (incl. Materials) 90 Euro



Most upgrades are billed by the hour, but we also have some fixed-price upgrades.


TDC, or Top Death Center mod, is a modification that can be done on most snipers and some pistols. This modification overcomes the imbalance of a hop up chamber that does not push centrally. This modification is most commonly seen on the Marui VSR-10 models and clones. The existing Hop-Up arm is adapted to work with an external adjustment screw.

Full Sniper Upgrade

If a sniper needs a complete makeover, we will also provide a complete makeover. The entire cylinder, hop-up and trigger assembly is replaced or updated. After this upgrade the ideal bb weight is calculated and communicated. Of course the upgrades are discussed, and again guided to obtain an excellent sniper experience.

Full HPA Rifle Upgrade

After years of experience and being one of the first in the field of HPA in Belgium, we can say that we have built up a solid expertise in this subject. For example, we know that HPA needs the necessary care and love to function properly and to give the performance that is expected of it. We work with a unique system to center the nozzle, which is not noticeable externally. Yet it remains easy for you to adjust this yourself in case of deviation. Again, everything is replaced or updated if necessary. Gearbox and Hop-Up Assembly receive the necessary attention, the settings are checked, the replica undergoes the necessary tests, and upon collection the necessary explanations are provided and questions about each system are answered.

TDC (Top Death Center Mod) 60 Euro
Full Sniper Upgrade excl. Materials 160 Euro
Full HPA Rifle upgrade excl. Materials 200 Euro


Sting-R Service


Sting-R Hop Service

Our Best selling Service at the moment has to be the Sting-R service. Based on the Hunter Seekers Armory R-Hop, but with our own choice of material. After months of testing, we came up with a very good material combination. This service promises more range compared to a standard Hop-Up rubber, better grouping at further distances, and a longer life. We choose to pair this upgrade with a Maxx Model Hop-Up chamber for the best performance, but the service is applicable to almost all replicas, with a promise of better performance.

Sting-R (placed excl. HopUp Chamber, barrel and rubber) 60 Euro